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Finally. A Better Way to Rent, Buy or Sell Equipment.

Heavy Machinery

Monetize Idle Assets. Your Equipment. Your Rates. We Do The Rest.

Equipment In Action

Rent/Buy What You Need and We'll Take Care of the Rest.

Construction Manager

Supply. Demand. We Will Handle the Connections.

Join Our TrustedEquipment Marketplace

We are building an empowered contractor-only heavy equipment marketplace where contractors benefit from becoming less self-reliant and more community-reliant for their equipment needs. Leveraging the vast equipment fleet of the Never Idle Network, our members have broader, more flexible options to meet their equipment needs. Together we are transforming how the rental and equipment acquisition market works through our shared community.

An equipment marketplace designed by contractors, for contractors, and operated by our industry veterans.

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Become an Asset Provider or a Renter

  • Renters: Gain access to a broader set of contractor-owned equipment from across your region
  • Asset Providers: Gain incremental revenue from idle equipment
  • Check out available equipment or inquiry about special needs
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Looking for the next piece of equipment

  • Check out our list of contractor owned equipment for sale
  • Have Never Idle find that hard to find piece of equipment
  • Rental Purchase Options available on some equipment
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Idle heavy equipment in yard

Need to sell and want to reach a broader audience

  • List your equipment for sale through Never Idle
  • We can offer controlled and managed Rental Purchase Options to expand potential buyers
  • We offer retail financing for qualified buyers which expands the base of potential buyers
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We Put YourQuestions to the Test

Articulated Dump Truck
How do I get a better return on my equipment?
What can I do with idle equipment that I'll need in the future?
How can I lower my operating costs?
How do I find more options when I need to rent or buy equipment?
How can I make it easier to sell equipment no longer needed?

So You Stay Focused On What You Do Best

Stack of Paperwork
Review & Identify Future Projects
Prepare Complex Bid Proposals
Prepare Complex Bid Proposals
Two construction supervisors overseeing progress
Manage Projects for On-Time & On-Budget Completion

Join Never IdleWe'll Handle the Rest

Promote Equipment For Rent Or Sale
Proprietary Check-In & Out Process
Negotiate Contracts
Manage Payments
Insure Equipment
Coordinate Delivery And Return
Provide Service Support When Needed


“There are limitless opportunities in every industry. Where there is an open mind there will always be a frontier.”

- Charles F. Keetings