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What is Never Idle?

Never Idle is an equipment marketplace designed by contractors, for contractors, and operated by our team of industry veterans. Our purpose is to build an empowered Contractor-Only Network who see value in being less self-reliant and more community-reliant for their equipment needs. Leveraging the vast equipment fleet of our Never Idle Network, we provide our members with more and better options to meet their equipment needs and grow their business.

In a nutshell, why is Never Idle good for the contractor's business?

It’s simple. For contractors to be successful in today's market they need to focus the core of their efforts on identifying, bidding, and managing construction projects. They’re not setup to rent and sell but we are. Never Idle organizes, markets, and manages equipment rented and sold by contractors to contractors. Contractors who provide assets generate untapped revenue from idle equipment and contractors who rent increase profitability on jobs by renting at rates lower than other rental companies.

Contractors who are both asset providers and renters will see the maximum benefit of being part of the Never Idle community. Let us show you how.

When will Never Idle be in my market?

Never Idle launched in the Midwest in early 2018. We are in the process of enrolling charter members who will have many added benefits, as early adopters. Our intention is to expand the Never Idle network into other markets in a smart and controlled way.

To become a Charter Member, contractors should contact us at 1-833-NEVERIDLE or email us at

What is required to be a Never Idle Asset Provider?

Our Network is only as good as the quality of its members and their equipment. Therefore, all contractors must meet specific eligibility requirements, as well their equipment must meet maintenance and safety requirements and be in good working condition.

Contact your Never Idle Rental Specialist at 1-833-NEVERIDLE for more details.

How does a contractor become a Never Idle charter member?

Our Never Idle Rental Specialist will walk contractors through the 5-step activation process.

Step 1: Call a Never Idle Customer Care Agent at 1-833-NEVERIDLE.
Step 2: Completes and return the program enrollment forms.
Step 3: Submits your inventory details to Never Idle and download our proprietary digital app.
Step 4: Use the Never Idle App to complete a simple cataloging event, which requires some additional machine details, configurations, and photos.*
Step 5: Update your equipment available for rental or sale, and let Never Idle do the rest.

*Our Never Idle Concierge Service can manage the entire cataloging event process for you, for a small service fee. Ask us how this works.

Is there a cost to join or list equipment?

No. Never Idle does not charge a listing fee and membership is free.

Who manages the invoicing and collections?

Never Idle processes all collection from renters and payments to asset providers.

Who can rent from Never Idle?

Never Idle rents only to licensed contractors, municipalities, government agencies, etc. We will NOT rent to home providers.

How do asset providers get paid?

Never Idle collects funds from renting customer and pays directly to the asset provider via ACH to your bank. If a unit is rented for one month (28 days) the asset provider will receive funds within 7 days of the end of that period. If a unit is rented for 3 months you will receive payment within 7 days at end of each monthly period.

Who sets the rental rates?

As a member of the Never Idle network, Asset Providers have complete control to set their own rental rates. However, Never Idle Rental Specialist can assist with this activity. In this type of marketplace, we typically see rental rates about 20-30% below what other rental companies charge.

How does the contractor know their equipment will come back in the same condition as when it went out?

Never Idle will do everything that it can to ensure that the equipment is returned in the condition it left, minus normal wear and tear. We also maintain current records of the condition of equipment from check out to check in.

ALL rentals go through a comprehensive formal checkout and check-in process. Utilizing our proprietary Never Idle App*, the condition of the unit is recorded with supporting photos and videos taken pre and post rental. The renter will receive a notification of the units condition up to 24 hours prior to delivery. Once the unit has been received, the renter has four hours to review and accept the condition, as stated in the app. The checkout/check in records will be used to determine responsibility in the event of a dispute over the condition of the unit either received or returned.

Renters and asset providers rate their experience after each rental to insure we create a trusted network. With the assistance of our Contractor Network, Never Idle is able to ensure that contractors and equipment that do not meet our high standards do not participate.

Who is responsible for maintaining the equipment while on rental?

t Never Idle we understand that asset providers take great care for the physical and operating condition of their equipment. They expect that same level of care from us. We take steps to ensure all equipment is kept in good running condition while under our care.

The renter is responsible to perform all daily maintenance requirements as stated in the rental agreement. When a planned preventive maintenance is required while the unit is on rent there are two options. Asset providers may choose to have a Never Idle Certified Dealer Technician perform the preventive maintenance. Or, asset providers may choose to perform the maintenance themselves and coordinate the timing through Never Idle. In either case, asset providers are responsible to pay for related related costs (e.g., oil, filters) Related costs are deducted from asset providers rental proceeds.

What happens if a unit breaks down while on rental?

Never Idle manages the complete service experience as part of our Uptime Promise.

We have partnered with equipment dealers in local markets to expeditiously troubleshoot service issues and complete required repairs.

When a job site repair is required while the unit is on rent there are two options:

1.) Asset providers choose to have a Never Idle Certified Dealer Technician perform services.
2.) Asset providers choose to service units themselves and coordinate timing with Never Idle.

Never Idle will pay the Never Idle Service Network provider to complete the necessary repairs and then charge it back to the appropriate party. For example, if damage is caused by renter the renter will be billed directly from Never Idle.

What does the contractor have to do to start renting equipment?

Step 1: Contacts Never Idle Rental Specialist at 1-833-NEVERIDLE.
Step 2: Provides the specification for rental equipment needs.
Step 3: Never Idle Rental Specialist provides various options to meet their needs.
Step 4: Completes the Never Idle Network enrollment form and background check.
Step 5: Confirms rental terms and schedule equipment delivery.

Now get working. Never Idle will take it from here and manage the rest.

What happens if the unit has issues while on rental?

Never Idle manages the complete service experience as part of our Uptime Promise. Contractors should call 1-833-NEVERIDLE to speak with our technical support team. When needed, a qualified service technician will be dispatched to your job-site to troubleshoot.

Can the contractor cancel my reservation prior to taking delivery?

Yes. We recognize that job site planning is often unpredictable. Contact your Never Idle Rental Specialist at 1-833-NEVERIDLE to Reservations can be requested at least 72 hours of your reservation within 72 hours of the scheduled delivery. Cancellation made within are subject to fees when canceled last minute.

What if the contractor needs to extend my rental period?

Call your Never Idle Rental Specialist at 1-833-NEVERIDLE. We’ll work hard to either extend the length with the current rental unit or swap it out with a comparable unit, when possible.

What if the contractor can't find the equipment needed on

Our inventory is constantly changing and expanding. Contractors should contact their Never Idle Rental Specialist at 1-833-NEVERIDLE. We’ll reach out to our vast Never Idle Contractor Network to see if we can find a comparable unit that meets their needs.

Are there restrictions on the length of the rental?

Equipment may be rented for daily, weekly, and monthly periods. Contractors should contact their Rental Specialist at 1-833-NEVERIDLE for more details.