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Finding the right unit for your needs can be a daunting task. If you are looking to buy new equipment, you go directly to the dealer and try to find the right fit for the job. If you are looking for a used piece of equipment, the challenge can be much more difficult. How do you work through all of the listing services showcasing used equipment available through dealers, brokers, auction companies, etc.?

When you purchase used equipment from a dealer, they can often help to arrange financing. When you purchase through an auction company, you are usually buying the unit “as-is” and “where-is” –  and the auctioneer cannot always help you arrange financing.

Traditionally, when you want to buy from another contractor, you must first find the unit on one of the listing sites and then make arrangements to bring a cashier check to the seller to complete the purchase.

At Never Idle, we want to make the heavy equipment buying experience easier for you, offering you access to a much greater pool of equipment options than is currently available for sale and/or finding you a unit a contractor owns, who may be willing to sell it when the opportunity is brought to them.

Take a look at the listing of used equipment on our site. If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us directly, and our team of industry experts will do the legwork for you to identify potential units that will meet your needs.

At Never Idle, we believe there is a time and need for all ways of buying equipment, but we want to provide a better, alternative platform for you to buy your equipment from another owner utilizing tools that were once available only to dealers.

Rental Purchase Options

We understand small to mid-sized contractors prefer buying equipment through a Rental Purchase Option or RPO. Often the units on our site are available for direct purchase and, in some instances, we can now offer you the opportunity to complete a true rental purchase. 

As a renting contractor, you sign an agreement that gives you a predetermined purchase price. After a given period of time (usually three to six months) you can convert to a purchase agreement.

Our selling contractors will apply a portion of your rental cost, perhaps 70% to 80%, to your purchase price. This can often enable you the time you need to generate the 20% to 25% equity for buying the unit and finance it through one of our preferred vendors.

Finance Offering

Our bank and finance relationships at Never Idle enable us to provide you flexibility of financing to facilitate the sale of equipment directly from one contractor to another. 

We can offer you up to 60-month financing at competitive rates from a variety of lenders, even for customers that might otherwise have been considered credit risks.

Our Sales Portal

The listing site we have created for the equipment you are looking for is simple to use. It makes it easy for you to find equipment, whether you are looking for an outright purchase or are looking for an RPO. Our Never Idle team of professionals finds you what you need and gets you the best deal.

Let Us Do The Searching

We have a number of instances where a contractor has been searching and searching to find a specific unit to meet their needs. The have reviewed every possible listing service and auction company, yet have come up empty handed.

This is the time to call your Never Idle Agent. Let us do the search for you. With our extensive network or buyers, brokers and owners, and access to a database that provides us with history of purchases, we have the unique ability to find a unit that is not currently listed for sale. Our Never Idle agent can work with the owner to come up with a plan that makes their unit available just to you for purchase. Give your Never Idle agent a call today at 262-326-4353 and give us a try.

Connecting To Sellers

Buyers can find us online or on our app. Buying from a fellow contractor doesn’t mean you do the negotiating, as you would if you did it on your own. We handle the promoting, the negotiating and the scheduling, and even the delivery. You can focus on what you do best and we’ll handle the rest.

Let Us Find Your Needle In The Haystack

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Unique Pieces of Equipment
We understand the decision making process of owning certain specialty equipment vs. renting it. Let us help you find those unique pieces of equipment for the new specialty job on your project. Why own equipment you'll rarely use when you can rent it from other trusted contractors? 
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Large Volume
Never Idle has the resources and contacts to help you rent equipment in large quantities. Let our support team handle coordination, scheduling and logistics to help get you the equipment you need, no matter how many machines you need.
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Quick Turnaround
Need a quick turnaround on renting equipment? Did you experience a breakdown and need a replacement to complete your project? Let Never Idle tap into a large network of asset providers to help find the equipment you need, with the speed to help get your project completed. 

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