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Provide Your EquipmentThrough the Never Idle Marketplace

When you enroll in Never Idle Marketplace to make your equipment available to rent, you become an asset Provider.  As a Provider, you will earn money from heavy equipment you are not currently using (sitting idle), while renters will find a broader selection of equipment they need – often saving 20% or more on the cost of rentals from traditional channels.

At Never Idle, we make this easy for you so nothing distracts you from your primary focus: identifying, bidding and completing jobs. We handle the entire rental process! We become the one source for your equipment needs. You don’t need to contact anyone else about the equipment being rented - simply contact Never Idle.

To Provide Your Equipment

Enroll as a Never Idle Asset Provider. We make it simple: provide us with basic information about the equipment in your fleet that could potentially be rented. We load the equipment information into our Never Idle Asset database, document its condition and the configuration of each machine, and add photographs using our proprietary app to create a clear record of your inventory. When you determine that a unit can be offered for rent, just call us or click “available.” This lets us know the dates it's available, and we market that to your new rental customer base. In short time, you will have that equipment generating revenue rather than sitting idle in your yard. We promise no hassles and no worries. We do the work for you, but you are always in control.

Monetize Your Assets

Becoming an Asset Provider

Joining The Marketplace is Simple

Contact the Never Idle Team

Enroll in the Never Idle Program

Submit Asset List via Excel or CSV File

Complete Cataloging Event

Manage Your Inventory

Identify Units Available for Rent

Update Availability via App, Online, or Phone

Never Idle Manages the Rest

Equipment Care & Coverage

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Equipment Care

At Never Idle we understand the value of providing great technical support on all machines rented. Through great relationships with OEM dealers and other independent service companies around the region – the Never Idle Service Network – you receive expert technical support and repairs including important preventive maintenance services when required. The Never Idle Service Network of dealers provides service for your unit while it’s in use unless the provider prefers to service the equipment themselves. Become part of our Service Network.

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Insurance Coverage

When a contractor rents a machine on their own to another contractor, the unit may no longer be covered by the owner’s insurance.  Often no steps are taken to have the renter provide proper coverage on the unit while in their care, custody and control. This can lead to significant out-of-pocket expenses for the owner and/or renter in case of a mishap. 

At Never Idle we take the time to make sure all rented equipment is fully insured before it goes out rent. The renter is required to provide a Certificate of Insurance that covers the rented unit. If their insurance does not meet the minimum requirements, we work with their insurance provider to get the right coverage or they can purchase a Rental Protection Plan directly from Never Idle that covers the unit while on rent.

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SafeGuard Assurance Plan®

Never Idle automatically places our customized SafeGuard Assurance Plan® on every unit that goes out on rent, even though it is already required to be covered by the renter. This comprehensive coverage acts as an umbrella at NO COST from the moment the unit leaves the owner’s yard until it returns.

SafeGuard Assurance Plan® covers full replacement of units five years old or newer in the event a unit is stolen or destroyed. It also covers the cost of providing the asset provider with a rental unit if the unit is damaged and will undergo repair for under an approved insurance claim. Click here to learn more or contact a Never Idle agent for detail copies of the plan.

Renters – your own policy may already cover rentals. If not, be sure to ask about our Never Idle Rental Protection Plan.

Rent in confidence to or from your fellow contractors. You can focus on what you do best and we’ll handle the rest.

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