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Safeguard Assurance

Our SafeGuard Assurance Plan protects asset Providers at no extra cost to them. It is an automatic coverage plan in addition to the Renter’s required insurance. While your equipment is out making money for you, it will be protected from the minute it leaves your yard until it returns.

Repair Service
Proprietary Check-in, Check-Out

Equipment check-in and check-out are a breeze when utilizing the proprietary Never Idle App to record the pre- and post- condition of the rental unit. Providers can use their smartphone or tablet to send photos and videos of a rental unit 24 hours prior to its departure. The Renter compares the documentation to the unit when it arrives and sends similar documentation when the unit is ready for return. The Provider checks the Renter’s documentation with the unit when it arrives back at the yard. That’s all there is to it!

Never Idle Concierge Service

Our user-friendly website tools and app let you easily enroll as a Provider to list equipment in our Never Idle Network. Easier yet, let our Never Idle Concierge service list your equipment for you. One cataloging event is all it takes to list your units that will eventually be available to rent to others. The Cataloging Event consists of using our proprietary Never Idle App to take a series of photos for each unit you want listed in the Never Idle repository, capturing its configuration and its condition. We’ll use them to promote the unit throughout the Never Idle Network. You always have control of your rental rate and when and where it is available. Never Idle handles all of the rest.


Renters can pick up units on their own or let us arrange their transport through VeriTread For Business. VeriTread ensures our clients get the very best logistics options.

Required Maintenance
Rental Protection

We have it covered! We verify all Renters have proper insurance coverage. The Renter’s own provider may qualify the rental, but when it doesn’t, we can cover it through our optional Never Idle Rental Protection Plan. We are here to support participants in our Network through all stages of the rental process.

No-Worry Financing

Traditional financing can often leave you in the cold when you’ve found a deal on used equipment or are looking for a Rental Purchase Option. Never Idle has teamed up with a variety of the industry’s leading lenders to help you find exactly the financing you need to make your purchase easier.


Never Idle understands the importance of having great technical support for units while they are out on rent. Our Never Idle Service Network consists of OEM dealers and independent service companies who will troubleshoot any service issues and complete required repairs. Never Idle is on call 24/7. You may prefer to handle your own equipment’s service needs. Otherwise, rest assured we’ll manage the complete service experience for you. Call 833-NEVERIDLE any time – or simply email us at to talk right now or to schedule a quick chat at your convenience.

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